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Our mission is to create an environment that enables students to gain independence, confidence, emotional and social stability, and a greater understanding of the world around them. ​

Goshen Christian Montessori School is a Registered Childcare Ministry located at 727 New York St., Goshen.

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Goshen Christian Montessori School
PO Box 1176, Goshen, IN 46527
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What Parents are Saying

“We have been more than happy with this program! The teachers create a wonderful balance between teaching routines and fostering independence. Our daughter has learned social skills, self care skills, geography, math, music, art and reading. The teachers respect the students, listen to them, and teach them how to work well with others. I would highly recommend this type of educational experience!” -- Amanda Wills, 2019

“We couldn't be happier with Goshen Christian Montessori. We are so grateful to have found a school where the kids learn through play and they are supported to figure out all the new social interactions that come with the transition into becoming a school aged child. Highly, highly recommend.” -- Sara Jean, 2019

“Fun, educational, child-centered program that teaches the ‘whole child,’ including academic, social, and self-care skills. Love this sweet school and it has been a wonderful place for my son!” -- Elise Hofer Derstine, 2019

“Calm learning environment where each child is considered and empowered. Great communication is fostered between teachers-children-parents. My daughter always has some interesting anecdote to tell or fun project going on.” -- Zuleyja Prieto, 2019

"Our son has some developmental delays, but Montessori has helped him significantly! We did not know how our son was struggling until he was introduced to Montessori. Our son had sensorial difficulties and learned how to work through them at his own pace without pressure or fear. Since attending the Montessori school, our son can now read, write letters and words, name countries and states, and has developed social skills. ... My son was never singled out or looked at as "different". Every child is allowed to be themselves and excel in what they are best at. We are very fortunate that we have had the opportunity to send our child to Montessori." -- Asia and Chris Batiz

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