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​GCMS is a Registered Childcare Ministry that is operated by Epic Ministries Inc.
Our mission is to create an environment that enables students to gain independence, confidence, emotional and social stability, and a greater understanding of the world around them.
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Here's What People Are Saying About Us...

"Our daughter has been at Goshen Christian Montessori School for over a year and half and we have been extremely pleased with the school. The leadership is creative, passionate and so inspiring to young children. The staff are consistently caring and help children have fun and explore. We love the flexibility and self-directed options in the Montessori approach. We also love the breadth of activities in the classroom from arts and crafts to language and math, everyday self-care skills, outdoor play, world geography, music, Spanish, and much more." - Anne and Rod Hanby

"Our first experience with a traditional preschool did not go very well at all. To the extent that our daughter was getting in trouble for taking her shoes off. And, when she was showing an interest in writing her name she came home saying she was not 'big' enough to do that yet. She needed encouragement to explore learning at her own pace through the freedom of play, touch-n-feel, cause and effect and constructive instructions. She thrived at Goshen Christian Montessori because she received all of that and much more. In her own words "Mrs. Tricia is the best teacher in the whole wide world!" I would say that about all the teachers Mrs. Tricia has had on staff." - Scott and Lynda Salisbury

"Our son had the privilege of being in Tricia's class for three years. We could not have asked for a better teacher to help guide our shy boy. She helped him develop academically and gain confidence in traditional subjects such as reading, writing and math concepts. But she also enriched his life forever by introducing him to geography, history, art, music, and languages. She allowed him to grow by appreciating his strengths and letting him take the lead in exploring his environment. This is Montessori education in its purest form and Tricia is the finest example that I know in teaching and living Montessori principles." - Chris and Lori Judson

"We have consistently been impressed and amazed at our son's great experience in a Montessori school under Tricia's teaching. Her love of learning, life and exceptional teaching skills have been seen time and time again. Even now that our son is too old to be in your school the skills he learned have been helpful to him at his next school. He has a love of learning that was initiated and nurtured in Tricia's class that we hope he never loses." - Andrew and Sonya 

"I enjoyed observing Tricia's competence and success with such a variety of ages, abilities and backgrounds. My grandson excelled in her class and despite his struggles, she consistently went the extra mile for him and his parents. She passed on her love of learning to him for which we will always be grateful." -Wendell 

"We really believe in the Montessori Method of teaching. It is definitely not like any other. Our son has some developmental delays, but Montessori has helped him significantly! We did not know how our son was struggling until he was introduced to Montessori. Our son had sensorial difficulties and learned how to work through them at his own pace without pressure or fear. Since attending the Montessori school, our son can now read, write letters and words, name countries and states, and has developed social skills. Another reason we appreciate the Montessori is because in public schools kids that are "different" tend to stand out or are noticed more. This has not been our experience in Montessori. My son was never singled out or looked at as "different". Every child is allowed to be themselves and excel in what they are best at. We are very fortunate that we have had the opportunity to send our child to Montessori." - Asia and Chris Batiz

GCMS is currently closed for the 2020-2021 School Year due to COVID-19. We will reopen no later than Sept. 7, 2021! Feel free to follow this link to add your student to the wait list!